Our Mission and Approach

The mission of the Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center is to provide affordable, high-quality oral healthcare with comprehensive education, clinical, and wellness services for seniors in need, enabling them to live healthy and productive lives.

Far too many seniors experience poor oral health which can lead to broken, painful, infected teeth that can keep them from eating, socializing and in many instances result in depression, malnutrition, and even more serious health issues. Lack of dental care can exacerbate chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, contribute to delayed diagnosis of serious medical conditions, and lead to preventable complications that can result in costly and complex hospital visits that have very negative effects on a person’s quality of life.

As we undergo the natural aging process our oral health begins to require specialized treatment that caters to each individual and their needs. The mouth is part of the body and losing teeth or simply living with dental pain and infection can no longer be considered part of successful aging.

Our Mission and Approach

To address this issue, the Senior Dental Center in Downtown San Diego was launched in October 2016; and now with the support of the Gary and Mary West Foundation, we have opened our second location in San Marcos to serve the oral health needs of older adults in the North County community.

Our experienced clinical staff take pride in their ability to provide each and every patient the customized, age-specific oral care they need. We treat patients with complex chronic conditions and mobility limitations and offer comforting geriatric care in a serene and relaxing setting. We accommodate longer appointments for patients who need extra time to get settled or to get through a procedure. Our approach is person-centered and highly compassionate to meet the needs of our senior patients.

We listen to our patients, their families and caregivers and provide education about the importance of undergoing preventive and regular dental check-ups and receiving the appropriate dental treatment to maintain oral health. We welcome new patients, both healthy older adults and those frail or with more complex needs who need the special care we can provide.